Apple Newton NPDS Anti-Spam

As announced on NewonTalk list…
I am making changes in NDPS (NPDS is a Web server for Newton).
Following NPDS user demand, I’ll add Anti-Spam option in the next release (2.2 …)
But in order not to make you wait a long time (since I’m not fast) I add this feature to the current version of NDPS.

NPDS-SETUP-Anti-SpamHow does it work?
We must activate the Random option in the module [NPDS Setup] Tab: Security, for the « Clients » and that’s it!

Now there are in the form (WitheBoard) a password to submit message (“CCP“ for Curent Client Password).
Obviously as the password can not be known by visitors, it is displayed on the default home page. You tell me, “it’s not very secure!“. Perhaps, but the goal is not to prohibit visitors to post messages but to block Spam bots. And it works!

I also added the SSI <UPTIME> internally in NPDS.
UPTIME shows the time since the Newton reboot.
For those who already use <UPTIME> remember either of the disable your script in [Script Editor] module or delete it, you’ll need!

There is also the SSI <SERVER-UPTIME> that works, it shows the elapsed time since the NPDS restart. This SSI was already in the previous version, but nobody knew (almost). By cons it is not formatted, the result is displayed as 00 00 00 00 (days, hours, minutes …)

You can download the new version here:
.img = MacOS Classic Disk Image (Full Sources)
.pkg = Newton Package only (for MacOS 7-9)
.newtonpkg = Newton Package only (for MacOSX with NCX)

Links: (for NCX) (for NCX)

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